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    Choosing a Good PDM Software.

    James Blevins

      My company is trying to find a good PDM software and we are considering one from SolidWorks but we have yet to hear back from our reseller on a demo. Is the one offered from SolidWorks a good choice and if so which one cause I noticed they have three?

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          Corey Hinman

          There are a lot of ways to answer this question, but you need to ask yourself a few:


          1- What are your requirements?

          2- What is budget?

          3- What are your technology plans and how do they link to a potential PDM system


          These are just a few of many....but from my experience with both Workgroup and Enterprise systems my preference would be Enterprise.


          1- More functionality

          2- More flexibility

          3- Tighter control, including items that are not CAD items.


          But again it depends on your user pool, budget, etc.

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            Tim Read

            I have used a few different PDM solutions and I would recommend Enterprise.


            That said - the ONLY way to get a good PDM system is to FULLY understand your requirements and the capabilities of the PDM software. I cannot stress enough about understanding the software - whichever you choose. Get some training then install the software and use it, configure it, re-configure it, test it, test it again, re-configure..... it helps so you must budget plenty of time before defining your final configuration.


            Enterprise PDM can be an excellent tool but if it is badly configured then it will be a nightmare - but the same goes for all the other PDM software out there.