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Transient diffusion plus convection in Flow Sim?

Question asked by Dan Hofstetter on Apr 16, 2012

I am working on a class project that involves a one-dimensional diffusion-convection equation:



with the following constraints:



I need to set this up using commercial software and compare the solution to one given in a journal article.  I spoke with my professor about this problem and about some of the capabilities of SW Flow Simulation, and while he will not tell me how to do it, he thinks it should be possible since these terms show up in the Navier-Stokes equations.  I was told to check into this a bit more, to see if there are ways of simplifying the N-S equations so that I can do this in Flow Simulation.


One of the ideas was to set up a simple 3D problem and just limit the velocities in the X and Z directions so they are ~ 1/100th of the velocity in the Y direction.  The problem was solved using the finite element method with values of u = 0.5 cm/sec and D = 0.1 cm^2/sec.  The length of the solution domain is 6 cm, and the initial concentration is zero.


Do any of you know if I can get something like this set up in Flow Simulation?  I have seen the porous media flow examples, but I would need to specify the porous medium parameters and I'm not exactly sure what to enter there.  Any help is appreciated!