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Mates to drive the Geneva Drive and analysis (kinematic and structral )

Question asked by Ugur Abbasoglu on Apr 16, 2012

Hi, as my last thesis i need to compare analytical results and computer aided results of geneva mechanism. I m trying to give motion to many geneva mechanism including Mr Deepak's ( ). First of all results of a 3D contact based motion analysis is not like analytical results. I think i need to give some kind of angular mate to assembly to have the exact results with kinematic equations but i can't figure out. But i saw this video then =

So it seems like possible but it s not possible to reach the other videos for now


I took solidworks 2011 courses just 2 months ago and it had nothing to do with analysis. I wanted this thesis to learn more about solidworks but now i hope it wont make me study one more semester.


I also need to do nonlineer static/dynamic ( i am not sure about the difference actually ) analysis on the pin or on the fastener that connects the pin while there is a constant torque on driving cam and friction forces. I give it a try but the results were nonsense( it was like 12billion N/m^2(1200 MPa) stress while there is a 100000Nmm torque on the driver cam (also how do we change these units in motion study) ).


If i couldn't get results things will end badly for me . Any of your help will help me to graduate and highly appreciated.


By the way I did browse the other geneva mechanism discussions and have all parts/assemblys from them.


Thank you