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    BOM problem deleting text

    Brandon Combast



      I just ran into a strange problem with a subassembly's bill of materials. I am able to edit the text for the existing (modeled) parts, but I was going to "add a row" below in the table so that I could include a gasket so that our prep department would not forget to purchase one when we go to build. (Didn’t see a need in modeling the gasket) I right clicked on my mouse and added in a row below and then go to just type in the information for the gasket, but when I click off of the cell the text just disappears. It isn't a big deal, I put a note below with the gasket information, but it is strange that I can go to a different page and insert a BOM and add rows and everything all I want, but I am unable to do so on the one that I need to edit. Curious if anyone else ran into this and how to fix it.  I know it is prop a simple fix, and I am sure that I changed something by accident.  I am using Solidworks 2012 and I was making a drawing of my model.  Thanks in advance for the help.  

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          Ryan Lemen

          Best way I have found is to create a part with no geometry in it, add the relavant part information (in this case your gasket description, part number, etc.), and then insert this "blank" part into the assembly.  This way you do not have to model the part as you stated and you can keep your standard bom without edits.  I generally try not to modify the actual bom tables on the drawing since they do not automatically update well in future revisions when additional parts or sub-assemblies are added.  Hope that helps.

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            Susie Rakotz

            I have just seen the same thing. I already had a part modeled but we add our own 'description' column. I am able to type in there like normal but when I click out of edit the text goes away. We have been doing our BOM's like this for years and this is the first I have seen.


            Side note: I also noticed I am unable to 'exclude from BOM'. I choose to exclude it in my BOM so I thought it just wasn't taking but when I go back to my assembly and try to exclude it there it says it is already excluded but still shows up in my BOM. I managed to fix that by changing the configuration it was attached to but no luck with the disappearing text.

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              Mark Iplier

              Right click the model that the BOM is linked to, and 'Load model'. After this, the table will be editable again.