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All Access Staging & Productions, Torrance CA  REMARKABLE OPPORTUNITY ***

Question asked by CJ Chavez on Apr 16, 2012


Position: Computer Aided Draftsman

Job Functions:  3D Modeling & CAD, Design, Engineering, Product Development


A REMARKABLE OPPORTUNITY has opened up at All Access Staging and Productions, a leader in the world of quality set construction and staging design. We are seeking a Computer Aided Draftsperson to fill a position processing electronic files and conceptual drawings from clients and sales staff into technical construction drawings. This is not your typical CAD job—we work in the fast-paced world of live entertainment, creating large-scale 3D models as well as 2D layouts for television, film, theatre, industrial, convention, display and installation markets throughout the globe.

Specific Skills

In addition to possessing no less than two years of computer aided drafting experience, candidates for this position should have the ability to communicate with clients and designers on a professional level that builds project confidence, consult with licensed engineers as needed, consult with sales, fabrication and design department supervisors to establish best method of construction prior to drawing a project, and follow up to insure that everyone involved understands the methods of construction and/or special problem areas.

A familiarity with SolidWorks is required, and VectorWorks experience is strongly recommended.  Additionally, candidates should possess self-motivation and willingness to seek out information.

Please note that the work we do at All Access is unique to the field of live entertainment, and the ideal candidate is NOT a seasoned veteran of another industry. On the job training will be provided to candidates who are intelligent, adaptable and willing to learn with speed and accuracy.


Interested candidates should submit a resume to