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    Kevin Stickels

      How much expereince is out there regarding the use of categories? The VAR who installed told me there was limited reasons for using categories. However, as I read through, it might make my flow into workflows slightly less chaotic. Just want to see what experiences you all have had pro or con.

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          Corey Hinman

          i used it at my last company to differentiate between similar file type documents. For example, some excel files were category=Cost Estimate, and some were category=misc.


          I "THINK" that once you set the category you can't change it, but I'm not sure.


          I'm now using a variable called doctype which can serve a similar purpose, but is a little more flexible.

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            Brian Dalton

            Yes, it's true that Categories can never be changed for a file once it's set.


            I also have opted for using a variable to differentiate between document types as well as other properties, such as approval paths, life cycle phases, etc.  I also like the fact that with variables you can create as many kinds of categorizations as you want to more completely specify/identify/track a file.  With categories, each file can belong to only one.

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              Einar Gulbrandsen

              But you dont have to use categories in the workflow as long as you use the built in conditions.



              Here I check the datacard to make sure that all the variables are not empty (!="").

              Check that the first letter in the number isen't 0abcdefg.....   [^ 0abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzæøå-]%.

              Check the file path is not \\Prosjekt\21440\  (!=\Prosjekt\21440\%).