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    weird visual

    William Dalpe

      I have never seen this before but my mesh or results will only show up when I rotate the model. So say I mesh something I can't see the mesh until I rotate the model. Has anyone seen this before? I haven't updated my video driver and I didn;t have this problem after installing the latest SP. hmmm....?


      -Bill Dalpe

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          William Dalpe

          I am beginning to think this has to do with 2012 Sp3. ARRRGGHHHH!!!!

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            Elvira Thonhofer

            I have that as well sometimes.. I am using SW 2011 x64, SP5.0..


            I have not yet figured out why it happens. At times I feel like it happens when I move my 3D mouse while the file is opening (loading). But then it also happens during simulation. Funny though, that when I click on any of the result plots they appear normally and stay on the screen even if I stop moving the model.

            So basically only the plain model dissappears.


            When I close the model and load it again things work normal as if nothing ever happened.No need to close SW completely. Just close the model.


            But yes, I find it annoying and I would like to get rid of that "phenomenon".

            If anybody has any suggestions let me know


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                William Dalpe

                I couldn't let that visual problem slow me down and had to continue running various analysis. So, I created another simulation tab on another configuration of my model when IT was finished running the mesh and results viewed as normal, when clicked. So I went back to the original simulation where I was having the visual issues and everything was normal. WEIRD!


                I was told by someone that they had this issue and what they would do is to go into the model and change a dimension and the re change it back and they said that took care of it.


                Bottom line, it is an issue.

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                Ari Arponen

                Same problem here. Came with the new computer and OS (win7 64bit). I have tried different video card drivers, but the problem stays. SW2012 sp2 in use at the moment. Its hard to determine what causes this because it doesnt do it all the time. I have Quadro 600 display adapter.