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Borrow License - FeatureWorks and Utilities

Question asked by Steve Krause on Apr 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by Jose Sanchez Aguirre

We have a site license.  I am allowed to check out the license from home via our VPN.


With Solidworks (2011 sp2.0) closed I log into our VPN. 

I go to the Solidworks License Manager and check out a seat of Solidworks. 

I then log off of the VPN.


When I open Solidworks I get two messages:


"Could not initialize the FeatureWorks Application".


"Could not initialize the Solidworks Utilities".


After I hit okay SW opens and seems to work fine but I am probably not using the things that didn't get initialized because I am not doing much design from my home computer.  just reviewing stuff.


What functionality am I missing and why is not initializing those items?


\Steve K