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    A sense of scale in 3D MCAD

    Kevin De Smet

      Recently I have been increasingly stumped by a sense of scale in modeling out assemblies and parts, what can look like a large distance or big part on the screen consistently has me fooled as when I take a measurement of say the width of it, it's maybe only 30mm. That's 3 centimeters... pretty small in my book, but on the screen it can look big! easily two to three times that size.


      I was wondering if there are any tips or tricks, or tools either software tools or real life hardware that can help me be less stumped. I now try to always have a ruler on my desk, which is a pretty good start really, but it's far from perfect. I always work with Perspective turned off, is that a good or bad thing? Perspective seems exaggerated. I think the root cause is still with the way all modern 3d software treat the viewing camera.


      What's all your opinions on this topic?