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    How do you handle alternate signoffs?

    Brian Dalton

      I've just learned that our Eng. Mgr. will be out for two weeks and he's instructed me to designate another user to approve/signoff drawings while he's gone.  My immediate option is to go through the workflows and change a lot of permissions and notifications now, then change them back when he returns.  Tedious, and certain that I will make some errors that will create problems/confusion.  I'm hoping there's a better way.


      I could create alternate workflow paths with conditions, but those conditions would be based on variables and other factors that are tied to the individual files.  That would not work, as I want to be able to 'switch' the paths for all files based on a value or variable that would affect all files, then switch it back later.  As far as I know, there is no capacity for Global Variables, or for workflow transitions to react to them even if they existed.


      Any suggestions?