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Dispatch Timing Issues

Question asked by Katie Hughes on Apr 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2012 by Katie Hughes

I am trying to copy a composer file to an external location so that another program can read it and send out to our intranet.  The problem is that the external program needs the file name to be in a specific sequence.  What I wanted to do was use the dispatch to rename the file, then copy it to the external location, then rename the file back to it's original name.  I have tested all of these things separately and the dispatch works great, but when I try to put them together in order so they execute at the release state, the timing issues cause the dispatch action to fail.


I noticed a wait command, but I'm not creating/deleting a file and I'm not working with a registry value.  Is there something I could add that would help with the timing of each command?  I'll attach a screen shot of what I have so far.


Thanks for your time and your help. It is greatly appreciated!