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Multi-configuration labels - easier way?

Question asked by Scott Sommerville on Apr 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by Scott Sommerville

I have been tasked with creating multi-confiuration labels for our company. These labels are stuck to the outer (cylindrical) containers of liferafts. As we have different sizes of containers, I thought that using a design table, with some nifty formula work would speed up the label creation process in the future. As it stands now, all the user needs to do in order to create a new configuration for the label is open up the design table, enter a configuration name with a strict format of container type-radius-(horiz, vert, or flat). The design table takes all the necessary data from this, and creates the configuration, meaning that I don't have to create a whole new label from scratch every time that we want to put it on a new container! (This is a good thing! )


The problem is, the way I've done this, it basically means creating the label three times in each file - one for a curve along the width, one for a curve along the length, and one for a flat surface. (I've attached an example of a simpler label, but there are many labels which are quite complex in that another person was working on took almost 20 minutes to rebuild the wraps)


Is there a way of doing this without creating the label three times for each? I just got taksed with doing 35 more labels, after having done about 30 already, and if there's an easier way, I'd be glad for it.