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wonky sketch geometry in mirrored parts

Question asked by Jesse Katz on Apr 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by Jesse Katz

Not sure whether this is a glitch or maybe just something that I'm doing wrong, but I'm having a problem with the sketch geometry in mirrored parts. Working with SW12 SP3 and the issue I'm having arises when I try to edit parts that I have mirrored within an assembly. Selected a part to mirror and then clicked 'opposite hand versions', and checked 'isolate selected component' and 'save parts as new files', and have also checked 'break link for mirrored parts'. Need to be able to modify the geometry of the mirrored part, independently of the original part, but when I try to edit the sketch geometry, it's all wonky. Sketches are not oriented correctly, relative to the part and features. What's really weird is that the resulting features are not in the wrong places. What it looks like is that the sketches didn't update to reflect the 'opposite hand version' of the part that I created? Say this because the sketches all seem to be 'backwards'. Having a little bit of a hard time describing this, hope it makes sense.