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    Column limit for BOM export to Excel

    Stephen Ball

      Hi there,


      For a while, I've been using some custom BOM templates to generate various BOMs from assemblies and exporting them to Excel.  This has worked very well.  However, I recently added a few more columns to the BOM and now I get an error when saving as Excel file (The error message dialog is actually blank except for a red "X").  I played around with it a bit, and found that the BOM export doesn't work if there are more than 26 columns (i.e. A-Z in Excel).  As soon as there are 27 or more, it give me the error.


      Does anyone know of a workaround for this?  I suppose CSV would work in a pinch, but the automatic formating of the direct Excel export saves a lot fo time, so it would be nice if it worked!


      I'm using SW 2009, Excel 2007.


      Thanks in advance!