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    Solidworks 2011 installation problem

    Jindong Liu

      My machine is on a college network and we have a solidworks licence server. I am trying to install solidworks on my windows 7 x64.


      I installed solidworks 2011 32 version on my vista machine before. It works fine. After a while, I decided to upgrade windows to windows 7 64 bits. Without uninstall the solidworks, I just format the C drive and installed windows 7. Then I try to install solidworks x64 version. But after couple of try, I cannot get it installed. The installation stop at about 4%. The first problem was that solidworks cannot find "H:\" driver which is my network driver storing in the college network. I have no idea why it looks for this driver. I guess it is to do with my previous installation because our college have profile roaming in the network. What should I do in such situation? See the attached image and log file. Thanks very much.