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    Pack and Go not including all file references

    Chris Shaw



      We am having trouble with the Pack and Go feature in SolidWorks not including all file references when run from within SolidWorks (as opposed to within explorer).


      XYZ_000 top assy has a large number of referenced files, including the parts XYZ_096 and _097 which are located in the EPDM database under the same folder.


      From within SolidWorks:

      When we do a pack and go of the XYZ_000 top assy, the XYZ_096 and _097 parts are not included. Interestingly, they also do not appear under 'Files -> Find References', but are used in the model (not suppressed or hiden).


      From within EPDM: (works correctly)

      Pack and Go of the XYZ_000 top assy does include the XYZ_096 and _097 parts. EPDM shows that XYZ_000 contains XYZ_096 and _097 and also that XYZ_096 and _097 are used on XYZ_000.


      Does anyone know why this is occuring?? Is there any fix for it?? Can files get corrupted in this way??


      After a 'good' Pack and Go we opened up the XYZ_000 top assy on another machine. File -> Find References stated that a number of files (XYZ_055, _057 etc, again originally from the same folder as the top assy) were 'File not found', yet they were correctly appearing in the model. Also, these files appear in multiple location on the drawing tree yet it was only one location where they were listed 'File not found'!


      This is concerning for us - what can we trust? Do 'Find References' and 'Pack and Go' have bugs in them? Or is just a corrupt top assy file?


      Thanks very much in advance for your help.





      P.S. We are running SW2010 (and can't go any newer because the customer is still on SW2010).