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    Interaction between drawing templates & calloutformat.txt

    Brian MacMillin

      I've been working on a new set of standardized drawing templates, but unfortunately I have hit a bit of a snag. Upon using the new .drwdot's, the hole callout settings that we have set have reverted to a previous, unchecked version. The troubling issue is that using the old drawing templates, everything works fine, making no other changes to the configuration except for which drawing template to start with. So far I have:


      • Ensured that the hole callout file locations are correct. I've even relocated calloutformat.txt and calloutformat_2.txt to a completely new drive and pointed SW (2010 SP5) to that folder, still the same issue. The old template works but the new one does not.
      • Tried it on multiple machines. Same problem, even with a different part. This also included using a local version of the other machine's calloutformat.txt data, and still it was not correct. This leads me to be nearly certain that it's not the calloutformat.txt file itself, but something else going on.


      Lastly, I've scanned every conceivable setting under SW Options for a reason this is happening. Does anyone know why there would be this sort of interaction between a drawing template and calloutformat.txt, and if so, where I might go to change/enable the proper formatting?


      Thanks in advance,