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Non-Printing "secret" data

Question asked by Joseph Lewinski on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by Joseph Lewinski

We have information on our drawings that should not be released to various entities but must be available to the final customer.  We really don't want to track and/or maintain different drawings or drawing sheets to either show or not-show this data.


We'll be saving in DXF format as well as PDF format (hope eDrawings in the near future).  For PDF files, we simply set the color of those items to an extremely light gray (nearly white, 254,254,254).  Our screen colors are dark, so it is still visible electronically.  Then we generate the PDF using the black & white setting.  Use color or gray-scale and the data shows up. 


DXF generation on the other hand, creates ALL of the entities, regardless of color.  Therefore, our color idea doesn't work for this.


Anyone out there have any ideas on how we could achieve this "secret" data?  Maybe a Non-Printing layer or something?  Ideally, I would like to have a simple button to click, that would activate a script, macro, whatever, to automatically publish the formats, changing the setting as necessary to achieve what we need.


Don't shoot me for saying this, but at times like this, Auto*** was so much easier to deal with (at least in this regard)!  <G>


Please point me in right direction ladies 'n gents!