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Variable dimensions in a general table

Question asked by Oliver Mackley on Apr 13, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by Chad Moles

Hi guys, I've looked for this but I think the words Im looking under are bringing up completely the wrong type of topics so I thought I'd ask!


Im just putting a drawing together and I have a view showing 'Dimension A', this dimension varies between the various configurations of the model that I have.


What I want to do is to place a table on the drawing with two columns, first column showing all of the possible model configurations (8 of which) then second column I want to populate the different figures of Dimension A.


Obviously I can do this by manually typing each of the 8 config names and then each of the 8 dimensions but there must be a way to dynamically link them?


Help much appreciated, Ollie.