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    Can We restrict printing of file before approval ?

    Jagandeep Singh

      Hello Friends,

      Is it possible to restrict printing of file before approval through some conditions or by any other means ?

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          Brian Dalton

          I'm pretty sure that it's not possible to prevent printing without blocking a user from opening the file.  EPDM has no capacity to affect the printing functions of either SolidWorks or eDrawings.


          What is possible is having a watermark on the drawing so that it will clearly state that it's not approved in case it does get printed.  This is better than nothing, but it's still not totally secure since a user can change the watermark before printing if the are determined to undermine the company policy.


          The old standard way, of course, is either to restrict printer access to only approved and trusted personnel or to have those personnel in possession of a manual stamp that must be placed on each hard copy in order for it to be used for production.  This way you only have to trust certain people instead of the entire user base.  Obviously this level of control adds time and inconvenience to the process.