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    Unable to find Old pdf by Search?

    Mayuresh Kulkarni

      I was unable to find PDF OLD + New PDFs by using Search Card

      then I have mapped Number variable which is in  Office file Card to the Approved PDFs. Task

      So from now onwards all the PDFs No. will display on Office file Card. Earlier It was not showing on office file Card

      Because of Mapping of variable I can able to search New Approved PDFs from their respective numbers.


      but  already created PDFs(OLD)  I want search? Is their any solution?

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          Ravi Teja

          Hi Mayuresh,

                      What is the search Criteria?.Do you want to search PDF with some variable on its Data Card?From what i understand you didnt have the Data Card Variable Configured Properly which did not record  any value,Noe the the Variable is corrected and Yu can search  among new Files but not able to search old PDFs...am I Right?


                      If the variables were being updated by PDF attribute, old files should also get the value filled in automatically.

                         Try Checkout and Checkin old files.





          Ravi T

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              Mayuresh Kulkarni

              Thanks Ravi for the quick reply


              Yes I have done with Check out > Check in that didn’t work

              Process- In my work flow when designer change the state, File goes to Pending for approval state

              after approval one Approved pdf folder will get created where I have saved my drawings and in that folder the PDFs will automatically gets generated. before approval I used to save by (file> Properties > Description ) e.g plate, washer

              at that time In Approved PDF Task> File card > source variable - Destination variable were not assigned


              What I did -1..I changed method I tried with saving part with number(File > Properties > Number) instead of description

              1. 2.I mapped then Number variable in Approved task

              after this for new PDFs I am able to search new PDFs

              but for old PDFs


              Earlier I saved the part  save (plate, washer etc…)as name but on part data card i typed no. manually so on drawing I used to get that number.

              but PDFs used to generate by name  because I saved part by name.

              so what I did, I cut old PDFs and pasted out of the vault and by using pdf convertor I renamed PDFs . All PDFs got the same number which were in drawing (title block) . After renaming I cut pasted pdfs in the vault.

              So now I want to search old Pdfs


              If there any solution

              In advance thanks




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                  Ravi Teja

                  Hi Mayuresh,

                             Go to the old File Data Card and See if you see the variable value in the fields.If it is empty thenI think the variable were never recorded or moving the files out of vault caused dome problem.

                             You may have to manually fill the values in the fields.



                  *_ You should rename the file in the Vault itself.

                  *_Couls have used Dispatch to rename the files.






                  Ravi T