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Copying Projects and Renaming

Question asked by Paul Woolner on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2012 by Paul Woolner

I am about to start a new large project which is very similar to the large project I am currently working on.


I need to copy the entire project before editing parts and assembles that are different from the current project.


We use a project number as a prefix to all parts and assemblies relative to that project, (in hindsight this was a bad move)


Now the crunch, will I have to rename all the parts with the new prefix or is there a mass find replace tool somewhere in solidworks, solidworks explorer or PDM workgroup???


I know I can add a prefix or suffix in the pack and go dialog but all I need to do is replace the first 4 digits to the new project number to make it unique.



any advice or best practice would be appreciated. My boss thinks the whole world is as simple as copy and paste, or has he put it, lift and lay.