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Holes on a rolled Spigot on a tapper

Question asked by Donald Leigh on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by Donald Leigh

Hi Guys


This is my 1st question so I hope everyone can understand it.


I have a spigot that needed to have a series of holes around it.


The Spigot dia changes from job to job but for this discussion lets say it has a ID of 800mm. The front of the spigot is cut on a 2dia tapper. (I have included a model of it with out holes). The holes are to be on plane 5 of the model. I am able to place the holes on this plane using the hole wizard but when I flatten it, I get an error in the "Flat-Patten".


I have read a few of the discussions here on similer issues but the tapper on the front is becoming my problem. I have tried other examples but once I place this part into an assembly I cant mate bolts to the hole cause they are an ellipse and not a true hole.


Once the holes are in the spigot I need to transfer these into the retainer bar that is over the top. (see assembly attached).


Any help would be great