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    Materials: non-linear

    William Dalpe

      I am trying to create a custom orthotropic material. Attached is the specs I have to work with. I am having great difficulty applying these values to a "custom material" . Any thoughts? For instance, they give 2 values for tear strength and it refers to "warp" and "fill"? How die sthat apply? I am new to the non-linear side of things and have lived in the Isotropic side of things until now.



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          Jerry Steiger



          This is for a fabric and warp and fill are the two perpendicular sets of threads. The warp threads run the length of the piece of fabric when it is in the loom and the fill (I always heard it called the woof) runs cross-wise. But, having imparted that bit of wisdom, I don't know how you are going to get any meaningful values from the information you are given. I don't understand how the values are measured. I would think that strength would be given in force per unit of length, but they are just given in units of force.


          Jerry Steiger