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    RevisionNo matching SQL

    Kursad Atalay

      Hi all..


      Please a solution. About drawings and parts RevisionNo. I must control the revision properties of parts and their drawing's revision no. We are using same filename for parts and their drawings. In pdm it is possible to give different Revision No to parts and their drawings but in our system they must be same. If i have a search with SQL, i can find the user error which drawing revision is different. So i can go and fix the error. My VAR tried to do something. But it doesn't work correctly. Query compares the all versions. I need just last version matching.

      Can you give help me for this query which is going to search all parts and going to match revision no and their drawings revision no. If there is a different file, a list will show them.

      Or can you tell me, how can i guarantee to have same revision of part and drawings. My VAR query is attached.