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Full constrained Dimension floating randomly in space

Question asked by Ales Kozelsky on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by Mark Kaiser

First, I want to appologise, I started a thread yesterday, and some people have asked for a part attached, after I attached it, basicly noone entered the thread. I am desperate and I hope it is fine, to post here a new thread this time with a simple example of what is goin to kill me soon ...




So, I kindly ask you for help with following file.

Here are few steps that drives me crazy:


1 I open part and go to sketch1

2 I delete the crippled dimension

3 I place the dimension between the O/D (black line) and the longer axis (used for revolution)

4  I close sketch (go to part enviroment)

5  I open sketch again - the dimension cripples again  and it is on completely different place then it was when you left the sketch ....


So there is no way, how to make a correct dimension of the O/D



Sorry for duplicate post (I am an expert on this ) and thanks for any help in advance !