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    Qty numbers shown in BOMs

    Colin Kirk



      I have been setting up a drawing structure for our company and I think I have it almost ready but I have noticed a problem in the QTY column of my BOM.


      If I show 2 or more of the same sub-assembly in an top level assembly the indented BOM I have setup recognises that there are 2 of that assembly but beneath this it only shows one of each of the components that make up that assembly, where I would like it to show the multiples of the component parts. 


      Is it possible to achieve this?


      I have (hopefully) attached an image to illustrate what I mean.  The cover assembly shows QTY of 2 but the parts of that assembly, the Tray and Wire Mesh, only show 1 of each of these parts.



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          Jeff Holliday

          Although I think I understand what you are trying to achieve, I think you are asking for a potential problem. The BOM as you have attached, is functioning as intended. It shows that there are 1 of each part needed to build the next higher assy and that there are 2 higher-level assemblies needed to build your main assy consisting of 2 tray assy's. What you are looking for is a "shortcut" that could cause a problem. If the qty of the bottom 2 parts was "2", it would be easy to order 2 for each of the next-higher assemblies.


          You may want to try clicking the BOM option to show parts only to achieve some of what you are hoping for. This breaks out individual parts from their sub-assy's and shows individual part quantities. It will not show the subassy levels.

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            Scott McFadden


            Jeff is right.  The BOM  is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

            An alternative might be to do a parts only BOM of create a couple of configurations representing what you are

            trying to show and show each of the configs in the BOM.