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    William Dalpe

      Okay, I am a "steel" guy and running anlysis on isotropic materials is not my cup of tea, yet . I need to run an analysis on an aluminum/fabric assembly. Where do you begin constructing a custom material for fabric? There's really no elastic modulous? I literally just purchased the upgrade to simulation premium so I can run the non-linear side of things...will that include more materials to choose from or at least something close to a fabric material?



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          Bill McEachern

          you would use an othrotropic material definition for the fabric. The fabric supplier should supply you with stiffness info in the in plane directions (warp and weft they might say). This might be a bit tricky to pull off due to the low out of palne stiffness. You may have to artificially pre stiffen the fabric to get a solution and then take it off after the external loads have been applied. Be prepared for some difficulties....wouldbe my advice.


          Obviously you will make a shell element model for this - beams might be tricky depending on how the fabric is connected to the structure........not sure contact is support with beam elements. Anybody else know whether it is or isn't?