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Minimized file icons moving when clicked due to toolbar appearance

Question asked by Don Blake on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by John Sweeney

I don't recall seeing this behavior in SW2011, but since upgrading to SW2012 (SP2,  haven't yet loaded SP3), I have been very frustrated with an odd quirk.


Scenario:  you are working on several documents and have many of them minimized in the SW2012 workspace


You want to activate one of the documents, but when you click on the icon, it brings up any document-type specific toolbars and moves all the icons in the workspace to make room for the toolbar.  This becomes a problem because to restore or maximize a window, you need to do 2 clicks - one to 'activate' the icon and a second to issue the restore or maximize command.    The problem comes in when you click on the document's appropriate icon, it loads the document-specific toolbar (which, for drawings, I have off to the left side of the screen).  When this toolbar is loaded, the document's minimized window shifts one icon over and you either do nothing or in some cases, I have outright closed a document that I was trying to open.   (this would happen when a drawing document is selected and it's toolbar is active, and you want to maximize a part or assembly document.  On the first click, the icon is selected and the toolbar vanishes, then the icons move to the left and you now click on the X and the window that you wanted to open is now closed).


See below


SW2012_workspace shift.jpg


Has anyone else been frustrated with this behavior?