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    Solidworks 2011 constant crashing and freezing

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      Lately I've been experiencing a ton of issues with solidworks.  Just today, the toolbox wasn't working all the time, the program crashed 3 times and now none of the features are working ie. toolbars, save, open, everything is frozen except you can still rotate and zoom fine.  The computer im running it on is a solidworks recommended model, running intel xeon at 2.66 GHz, with 8 GB of RAM on windows 7 64 bit os.  I've gotten used to all the small issues this program has but lately its just been out of control.  The program suppresses parts in sub assemblies when opening large assemblies, physically changes parts, and loading wrong parts in assemblies.  Im not sure on how to repair these issues but this is just obnoxious.  For a program that costs as much as Solidworks i would expect less issues.