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multi-body parts and rename - a warning!

Question asked by James Craig on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2020 by Mark Biasotti

I have the following problem, hope someone can help, failing that perhaps it will prevent another user falling into the same trap.


I have a multi-body part. It is a collection of plates which will be welded together. I have saved out all bodies from my multi-body part using the "Save Bodies" command, I have assembled, drawn and issued all of the separate stock parts (parts with one stock feature from Save Bodies command). No problems so far, a seemingly neat & quick way of working.


After building the prototype for the client, some parts require changing, small dimensional changes only. However, my problems start now because the client uses a fourteen digit part number which is also the filename. The last digit is the revison digit.


Now that some parts are going from A to B on an update, they require a filename change. This, I thought would be fine, I can use save as with references or the much quicker SolidWorks Rename in explorer, however the stumbling block, and it's a massive one, is the Save Bodies command.


Once stock parts are renamed, the Save Bodies command cannot find the old filename and the stock part is now empty. There is no relational rename with Save Bodies, nor any manual way I can see of renaming inside that feature. This is the problem I need a solution to.


If I had created all of the stock parts manually by using "insert into new part" instead of Save Bodies I would not have a problem (I have other assy's like this i have tested myself) and would have a few drawing dimensions that would update themselves when opened.


I thought by using the Save Bodies command I was working smarter, but this is a huge pitfall, unless someone can help me find a smart way round. something like "dissolve save bodies" would be useful....


The outcome I am faced with is re-attaching hundreds of dangling dimensions in part drawings. So much for working smarter......