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How to get the piston moving?

Question asked by Kaspar Kapu on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Chibueze Louis

Hello, I'm a amateur SolidWorks user and I'm trying to rebuild an internal combustion engine which includes all the parts from the actual engine. My question is about the piston movement when assemblying the crankshaft and piston-connecting rod so it would work as it should. The crank should have rotary movement, i got that by mating the crank's axis to 2 planes and one side to the 3rd plane. When i move it with my mouse, it rotates, but when I try to add the piston-connecting rod, it says that the components are fixed and it doesn't work. Don't know if somebody got my question, but what am I doing wrong? Which mates should I use so the piston goes up and down only, while the connecting rod rotates around the crankshaft.

You could see some pictures about that from