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Welment profile in bom

Question asked by Steve Crompton on Apr 10, 2012



We don't often use the weldment tables as a rule of thumb but do use the parts list bom. All our profiles are drawn using a sketch then we pick from which weldment profile we need to create the geometry.


My question is this. Is it possible to automatically poplulate a material field with which weldment profile I have picked, so say I have picked 1" X 1" tube from my profiles I want that to appear as the material type in my parts list bom. Also is it possible to do the same with sheet metal, so say I pick 2mm as my thickness a want my bom to link to the same thing.


All it is is that at the moment we are doing in manually and it can become a bit laborious at times plus error prone.


Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to do it.