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    How to get value of customer property linked to another file

    Jaroslav Pokorny

      I have a drawing file linked to a model with custom properties like: $PRPSHEET:"Revision". Problem is following:


      a) Even in the custom property list the value is not calculated (the resolved value is calculated for some of the properties, but not for those references to another file - so in the "resolved value" column there is also $PRPSHEET:"Revision", not the actual number)

      b) I need to get this value (computed) in a macro - but when I call

      swCustProp.Get4("Property_Name", False, val, valout)

      then the val and valout both return just $PRPSHEET:"Revision" as a value - not the actual revision no.


      Am I doing anything wrong? Or how can I get the real property value?