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SWX10 Hole wizard / toolbox

Question asked by Tom Drechsler on Apr 9, 2012

SW10 SP2 32 bit.


I have not been able to run hole wizard (or toolbox).

Others on the network have no issues, &  I cannot even run locally.


When I select the hole wizard in a part I get:

"Out of memory or other error trying to initialize datasource form standards file"

"Unable to set up a valid configuration"


When I try & edit the path to the toolbox it gives me the following

"Out of memory or other error trying to initialize database access"



My templates from the same location work fine.

The obvious clue is "out of memory"  but I don't understnad this. SWX would just shut down if it were true. I have plenty of experience with that.


II reinstalled SWX off an image after switching PCs a couple months ago, but I've run hole wizard since that time. I have not used toolbox since & when I try (it asks to configure it) I get an"unspecified error".