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Telescope Assembly rotates about 3 axis, but not when inserted into larger assembly: Arrgghh!

Question asked by Andrew Cool on Apr 7, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2012 by Andrew Cool

Hi, I'm a relative Newbie to SW. I have designed a model of an optical telescope on a German Equatorial mount.

As a stand alone assembly the scope rotates about the RA and DEC axis, and I can move the Latitude adjustment to point the

DEC axis at the Pole.


HOWEVER, and that's a big "however" on purpose, when I insert the above perfectly functional assembly into a another assembly which

is a model of the Observatory room, the telescope model no longer rotates about the RA, DEC or latitude axis. The message


"The selected component is fully defined. It cannot be moved."


appears when I try to drag a component that rotates AOK in teh standalone telescope assembly.


What have I done wrong? Surely the telescope model should continue to revolve about its various axis when inserted into a (larger) assembly?


I've attached a small screen dump of the scope assembly to help you visualise.