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    SolidWorks PDM for Managing PRO/E files

    Joel Nelson

      Currently I am considering using the SolidWork PDM module for managing multiple CAD files, primarily PRO/ENGINEER files but SolidWorks as well.


      Was hoping some of you more experienced/seasoned users could share some knowledge and/or past experiences with doing this.

      Everything I read, and videos I have seen, it all seems possible and made out to be effortless, however, I have been around long enough to know that nothing provides better information than actual user experience.


      Anything that you feel is worth sharing, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.

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          Benjamin Abshire



          We recently migrated all our Pro/E data from Intralink 3.4 to Enterprise PDM 2012, SP1. The migration was quite difficult and took 3 months to successfully move 15,000 files. We used our Var and an outside contractor, Zero-Wait State, and allowed them remote access (WebEx) to our Intralink server and a new, unrestricted EPDM Vault. The biggest problem was getting all the references to work. Our Var, Go Engineer, provided a detailed set of instructions and tools which Zero-Wait used.


          A few things to remember: 1. Pro/E does not save full path information of referenced files. If the folder path is not included in the config.pro or search.pro file Pro/E will not find the reference during load. 2. You must use the Add/Renamer (supplied by your var) tool to add Pro/E files to a EPDM vault, otherwise the files will come in with the version number and no references will be identified. 3. You must install the Pro/E Connector on all end users computers. The connector allows Enterprise PDM to communicate with Pro/E to identify references.


          Lastly, it is critical that everyone using Pro/E files in Enterprise PDM read and fully understand the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2012 Pro/E Connector Best Practice Guide, written by SolidWorks. I suggest highlighting important sections, you will reference them often during the setup and migration.

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            Orionl Lidji

            Hi Joel,


            Two years ago I looked for new PDM system to manage all our CAD files, knowing that I have to manage legacy Pro-E files and new products (Solidworks Files).

            I migrated all our Legacy Pro-E files into ePDM 2011 SP2.

            first thing to do wa to build the Vault Structure (All Folders), than run a script to creat the search.pro file.

            after doing all (and installing the Pro-E connector) i started movng all Pro-E files, just by Copy-Paste.

            The decision was to move only All Latest Version, starting with copying all main assemblies and than all files and drawings.

            As I said, I am working with ePDM over two years and after understanding the correct way to dal with Pro-E (such how remove Lock-Properties of Intralink 3.4...)

            You can ask questions, and I'll be happy to share all with you.



            Orion Lidji

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                Kevin Stickels

                I too am getting ready to migrate from Pro/E to SW2012 and EPDM2012. I have always been fortunate enough to have all SW files so this will be "fun". Any step by step assistance would be welcomed in how to prepare and migrate all the files first into EPDM then into SW files.

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                    Orionl Lidji

                    Hi Kevin,


                    All I can tell you, is that if you intent to migrate from Intralink, you MUST know that all file properties, such Description\ Revision that managed by Intralink will be LOCK to manage by Enterprise PDM (ePDM). I founded a way to Unlock all.

                    If you find yourself having this problem, please let me know and I'll check one of your file's, to see if I can Unlock it.

                    <The Intralink that I moved from is 3.4>