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    equation driven curve does not update on regen

    Mihai Pruna

      I am using Solidworks 2012. I have created an equation curve which is also controlled by a dimension in the part, namely the distance between two planes.

      Every time I change that dimension, I also have to go in the sketch and click on the curve and then exit the sketch in order for the curve to update.

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            Dennis van Gerwen

            I have the same kind of problem. My equation driven curve (parametric) uses several dimensions from the sketch as variables. When I change the value of one or more of these dimensions, the eq. driven curve does not update automatically, or at least it causes the sketch to become unsolvable.


            Just like Mihai Pruna, I need to go into the sketch, select the curve, and click ok, before it updates. If the change in the dimensions is too large, even this does not work (even though the sketch geometry itself is still well defined and solvable). In my case, CTRL+Q does not help.


            I also wonder how (and why) an equation driven curve can be under defined... This seems strange, as it should be fully defined by the equations and the boundary values for the parameter t (t1 and t2). Locking the boundary values also yields strange results, for example, I use t1=0, but when I press lock, the t1 value changes to 0.01 and the sketch becomes unsolvable...


            Any help would be greatly appreciated, although a proper fix by SolidWorks themselves would be even better.

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            Cliff Behrend

            Same issue

            Equation driven curve works the first time but does not update on changes to dimensions in "t"

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              Greg McArthur

              I am also having trouble with parametric equations in 2012.  I did a simple set of equations:  x=cos(t), y=sin(t).  For t1=0 and t2=pi a proper semicircle is created.  If t2 is changed to 1.5 radians, the expected curve is generated, but for some values of t <= pi/2 the curve is not correct;  for t2 = pi/2 the origin moves to (1,1) and the curve goes ccw from (0,1) to (1,0).  No matter the values for t1 and t2, the software shows the curve as not fully defined.  Tech support told me that they see the same behavior in all service packs of 2012, but cannot reproduce the error in 2013 SP0.


              Note also that SolidWorks does not support polar or spherical coordinate systems.


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                Ronald Stoute

                My equation driven constant "number" is also not updating my rebuild. I reference to my external file (which I use for several different parts in the assembly).



                "SOI_t"= 20
                "rib_l"= 1000
                "rib_w"= 50
                "PI_t"= 5

                "GUI_d" = 360

                "number" = int(360/arcsin(rib_w/(GUI_d-SOI_t)))






                "GUI_d@SKT_SOI" ="GUI_d"




                "D1@slurf" = "number"



                Pretty much everything works as it was supposed to, but as soon as I add the two lines with "number", nothing will rebuild anymore. It DOES calculate the value of "number" properly, as an integer = 42 (yes it is the answer to all life.. ) It just does not update the assembly with the correct number.



                Is the only solution to this problem getting SW13SP0? I currently have the 2012-2013 Student version...