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    ProE files won't check in after variable update

    Benjamin Abshire

      I’m having trouble getting Pro/E files to check back in after a variable is updated. The code below checks out and updates the variable correctly for SolidWorks and Pro/E files (as evidenced in the Data Card). It then checks in a SolidWorks file just fine but fails on all Pro/E files with the error: E_EDM_INVALID_FILE, The format is not recognized. But the file is already in the vault so obviously it is a recognized format.


      I am using Enterprise PDM 2012 SP1.0 with the EPDM Addin “Add/Renamer” from SolidWorks and the Pro/E Connector for Wildfire 5.0. I'm compiling the .NET 4.0 code in MSVB 2010 Express and using Interop.EdmLib 5.15.


      Note: If I comment out the Update the Variable section, the Pro/E files check out and in just fine. The error only occurs when I change something.


      Here is the code


      Imports EdmLib

      Module Module1

          Sub Main()
              On Error GoTo Err_Main
              Dim Vault As IEdmVault7 'Vault object
              Vault.Login("Admin", "PassWord", "PDM_Vault")

              Dim myFileObj As IEdmFile5 = Nothing
              Dim MyRetFldrObj As IEdmFolder5 = Vault.RootFolder
              Dim FilePath As String = "C:\PDM_Vault\Projects\Test Area\CAD\101-A20020.drw"
              'Dim FilePath As String = "C:\PDM_Vault\Projects\Test Area\CAD\101-A20020.slddrw"

              Dim loc As Integer = Len(FilePath) - InStr(FilePath, ".")
              Dim FileExt As String = UCase(Microsoft.VisualBasic.Right(FilePath, loc))

              MyRetFldrObj = Vault.RootFolder
              myFileObj = Vault.GetFileFromPath(FilePath, MyRetFldrObj) 'Get the interface of the file and its parent folder

              myFileObj.LockFile(MyRetFldrObj.ID, 0) 'Check out the file


              '***************Update the variable***************

              Dim varEnum As IEdmEnumeratorVariable8
              varEnum = myFileObj.GetEnumeratorVariable

              Select Case FileExt
                  Case Is = "SLDDRW"
                      varEnum.SetVar("Revision", "@", NewRev)
                  Case Is = "DRW"
                      varEnum.SetVar("Revision", "generic", NewRev) '<-- Not sure if "generic" is the correct configuration name to use. It does update the datacard correctly.
              End Select

              '***************Update the variable***************


              Dim NewRev As String = "A"
              myFileObj.UnlockFile(0, "Revision variable updated to " & NewRev & ".") 'Check in the file with comment  *** Here is where if fails ***
              Exit Sub


              Dim ErrName As String = ""
              Dim ErrDesc As String = ""
              If Not Vault Is Nothing Then
                  Vault.GetErrorString(Err.Number, ErrName, ErrDesc)
                  MsgBox("ErrHld initiated. Errors: " & ErrName & " " & "Description: " & ErrDesc)
                  MsgBox("Error Number: " & Err.Number & " Description:" & Err.Description)
              End If
          End Sub

      End Module


      Any Suggestions?