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    Solidworks Tutorials Not Loading Properly

    Tiny Freeman

      Tryin get into the CSWP/CSWE tutorials.... When clicking on the link to view tutorials, 'code' shows up in the window rather than the tutorial itself. I have tried the following already:


      (1) going to the swtutorial.chm and double-clicking

      (2) http://www.filefacts.net/chm-file-extension

      (3) Opening the tutorials while logged in/out of PDM Workgroup vault

      (4) Solidworks 'Repair Installation' from the control panel /programs

      (5) Tried disabling the security suite and then launching the tutorials

      (6) Tried troubleshooting the internet connections via step # 8 recommendation on this site http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926431


      Here is a sample of what shows in the turtorial when I open it...


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 

      - <html id="doc1292872625269" xml:lang="en-us" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">


      - <head>

      <meta content="Introduction_to_SolidWorks.htm" name="predictable" />

      <title>Introduction to SolidWorks</title>


      <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="content-type" />

      <meta content="RoboHELP by eHelp Corporation - www.ehelp.com" name="generator" />

      <meta content="0.1" name="generator-major-version" />

      <meta content="1" name="generator-minor-version" />

      <meta content="kadov" name="filetype" />

      <meta content="1" name="filetype-version" />

      <meta content="1" name="page-count" />

      <meta content="533" name="layout-height" />

      <meta content="732" name="layout-width" />
      I I have put in a help ticket with our IT department to re-install internet explorer due eo suggestion from Solidworks that the internet connections may be behind the issue; it will take two weeks before that happens.
      Anyone have any idea how to correct this?


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          Carla Schwartz

          Hi Tiny,

          I have heard that some customers have had this problem using earlier versions of I.E.

          I am not sure what browser version you are using, but updating your version of Internet Explorer is probably your best bet. You might not have to reinstall I.E. to update the version.


          One thing you might not know is that if you click the Show button at the top if the swtutorial.chm file, and click the Contents tab, you can view the table of contents for the entire set of tutorials. It is possible only a few pages of the tutorial have this problem (so you can get to the succeeding pages from the table of contents).


          So, you might be able to view the content you need from the table of contents, even with this problem on the first page of the tutorial. I am not sure about this, though.


          Let me know if updating the browser, or using the table of contents does not help.




          Carla Schwartz

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              Tiny Freeman

              I had he latest IE 9 loaded on my machine. Using Windows 7. I went ahead and uninstalled the IE 9 update to roll it back to IE 8 just for grins......it still didn't help the tutorials show up.


              The 'SHOW' button, table of contents, still show the XML code in the tutorial rather than the tutorial itself. It's like this for ALL tutorials.

              So I can't view from the table of contents either.


              I am using SW2012, x64, SP2.0

              Windows 7

              12.0GB RAM

              Intel Xeon CPU Processor




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                  Michael Bourchier

                  Hi Tiny,

                  I have the exact same problem and at this point Solidworks is working to correct it but they have been giving me tasks for the last 4 days with no result.

                  Issues they think are related to Firewalls and permissions. I hav etried everything.

                  Its a bummer considering I am a new user and want to get working and I am going nowhere after spending all this money.

                  They are woreking on it but it takes a day to get the next step.

                  My computer is the same specs as yours also.

                  PS the last fix they asked me to load with firefox instead of IE the *.chm files but they would not load either.

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                Michael Bourchier

                Here is the fix given to me by Solidtech in Aus.


                The issue with viewing the Chm file is a Microsoft security issue. See MS knowledge base article:


                To fix this issue, create a file in Notepad.exe and rename using an .reg file extension with the following information.




                Save the file and Double-click to add this to the registry and the issue is solved.


                I saved as solidworks-fix1.reg


                You should see a success message after double clicking on this file…if you do not, there was a problem.


                It worked!