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SW12 - doesn't have "mates in xxx section"

Question asked by Gregory Page on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by Steve Ostrovsky

I'm looking at impacts of chaning from SW11 to SW12.  I put a complete duplicate copy of files in a separate directory to see what differences I find.  In Sw11 when I expand a part or subassembly there is the "mates in xxx section" folder, which is the only usefull way to be able to sort and edit mates.  In SW12 I get the folder in some parts and subassemblies, but not in others?  Is there a new setting to make that option always appear?  I can check the same part/subassembly in both the SW11 program and files and the SW12 program and files and SW11 always has the folder.