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    Heat Power

    Rick Bailey

      I am working on a circuit board simulation.  I have a quick question, does Solidworks use Heat Power load, defining it as the amout of power a chip uses, or is it rather the difference between the amout of power a chip uses and its efficiency? (i.e. - if a chip uses 100 W, and it is 90% eff., then do I use 10 W for the Heat Power load? It seems to me that if the eff. is 90% then one can assume the max dissipative heat power is then 10 W...?

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          Billy Wight

          Yes, 10% should be about right.  Whatever the chip is doing, the power coming in is 90% useful and 10% wasted throught heat.  So unless what your chip is supposed to do is create heat, then you should be good.  Always verify your simulations with prototypes and testing to be sure though!