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    "Beam Element too short" error

    Paul Pergande

      I get the following error messgae when I run a structural simulation:


      "STOP:Beam element number 120473 is too short"


      That is intersting information, but does not point me to the part of the model that has an error, nor does it help me change the model to get it to run.


      The model is a 3' square box with a bolted lid.


      How do I find the bad beam element and fix it?

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          Timothy Holman

          Are you using a virtual wall?

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            Radoslaw Koneczny

            How do I find the bad beam element and fix it?


            Until you dont have results to list beam forces you may:


            1.      Locate element on shown mesh using probe function that will pop up flag with element number and its location.


            2.      - Right click on mesh and make mesh plot. Then right click on mesh plot and use "Probe and List selected".

                     - When properties of "Probe and List selected" are active i Property tab , you may select whole beams by mouse rectangular selection or Ctrl+A or Menu Edit Select All. .. 


            Flags with element numbers and locations should pop up and you will see list of selected elements on Property manager tab . To locate exact node you may need first to locate beam with element numbers close to element number that you are looking for and then use probe function. element numbers rise from one end of beam to another.



            Thats how I did it so far.






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              Scott Rypstra

              Is anyone finding anything out about this? I'm using SW2012.  I have circular symmetry, a foundation bolt, and therefore a virtual wall.  My part is nothing like a "beam"--my part looks like a piece of pie.

              Why does it think there are beam elements?

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                  Shaun Densberger

                  I didn't see anything in the KB about how SW implements a "foundation bolt", but it vary well could be using beam elements and links.

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                      Scott Rypstra


                      "Q: Simulation error 'Stop: Beam element number XXXX is too short.' What does this mean?

                      "A: This error occurs when beam elements that build the bolt connectors are too short. If you are using a virtual wall, you must have a distance between the edge you select for the bolt and the virtual wall. This distance determines the bolt length. When edge lies on the virtual wall plane, there is no length for the bolt and that is why you are getting the error message.


                      This occurs when you are bolting from the virtual wall into the solid and the hole is not a through hole. This is not a valid setup and you cannot use a virtual wall in this case. Even if you were to pick an edge inside the hole to create a distance between edge and virtual wall, there is no surface to the bolt head.


                      The solution would be to model the plate that you are bolting to and not use the virtual wall."

                      I think this summed up my problems--you need a through hole, nut on one side, virtual wall on other side.