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SolidWorks crashing on create route

Question asked by Greg Christie on Apr 4, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2012 by Greg Christie

Hello all, I am new to the forums.


After recently completing the SolidWorks Routing: Piping & Tubing training, I have since tried to implement some of the things learned to create some pipe routes/drawings for manufacture. I have created a routing template, various tubes & fittings as well as our own design library.


When starting a route, by dragging a bulkhead fitting into a hole in a plate, proceeding with selecting my preferred tube etc from the dialogue box and then drawing a couple of lines in the sketcher. Upon exiting the sketcher via the tick, SolidWorks thinks about it for a few seconds, and then crashes out. I have tried this with two different bulkheads, two different tubes, & on two different computers and this happens ever time.


Is anyone aware of any issue that could be causing this? My issue is currently with SolidWorks, I just wondered if it was a quick fix that would let me carry on with my work.


SolidWorks Premium 2012 x64 SP2.0