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    Delete Local Archive

    Sean Bolton

      When upgrading to EPDM 2012 I am trying to delete a local archive and reconnect the local archive to another server.  When I attempt to delete the current local archive I receive this error  "The view 'C:\ XYZ was created by 'rbi\cngan' Only 'rbi\cngan' or an administrator can remove it.

      I am an administrator in our environment and even a domain admin with all privileges is not able to delete this local archive.  I presume the computer was re-deployed to another after the first user created the local archive.  How can I delete this local archive?

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          There's a long Solution (S-012987) written to address this if you want to look it up in the KB. First option was to log in as that original user and try deleting the Vault View.


          There's also a manual method listed out in S-012984.


          If you can't get to them, let me know and I'll copy/paste them here.

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              Sean Bolton

              I do not have access to the knowledge base, that would be great if you could paste (s-012987) and the manual  method S-012984.


              I could reactivate the account that created the local view, change the pass, delete local view, then i would have to disable the AD account, and create the local view under a new acct.

              thanks for the help Steve

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                  Steve Ostrovsky

                  I am copy/pasting these in here directly from the KB. I'm guessing since this machine isn't used for EPDM anymore, the manual method won't hurt anything. When you say a local archive, are you talking about the local Vault View that is on each user's computer? The below instructions are NOT FOR ANYTHING ON THE ARCHIVE SERVER!!!



                  Manual Method:


                  Note: You should only remove a file vault view manually if you are certain that there are no files checked out (locked) in that view.


                  Before following the instructions below, try to remove the file vault view by right-clicking the file vault root and select "delete file vault view". If the deletion does not work, proceed with the manual remove.


                  To remove the local view “manually” you could do as follows:

                  1. Delete the registry key for the view:

                  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\Databases\[VAULTNAME]

                  (On x64 OS also delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\Databases\[VAULTNAME]

                  2. Delete the corresponding vault name entry for the view under:

                  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\DatabaseID

                  3. Delete the following registry key:

                  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\ConisioAdmin

                  4. Open a command prompt, step into the view and change the attributes of desktop.ini using:  attrib –s –h –r desktop.ini

                  5. Delete desktop.ini   (type DEL Desktop.ini)

                  6. Close command prompt (type EXIT)

                  7. Close any existing Windows Explorer windows and re-open explorer.

                  8. Delete the (now a local yellow folder) file vault view cache folder.