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    Unable to Open a Checked Out File

    Matt la Croix

      I have several users that are having an issue when trying to open a checked out file, they get an error message that the

      file is not found.


      I have checked their user permissions and they are identical to other users that are not having this issue.


      Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          Never come across this. Is the file actually there visible in the Vault View? Can you preview it?

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            Barry Cargould

            I think I have seen it when someone has created a file in their local vault but has not checked it in yet. The server knows there is a file with a certain name but since the file has not been checked in, the server does not have the file and cannot have anyone else open it.

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                Matt la Croix

                After some more testing I have been able to confirm that the file is physically in the vault and checked it in just to be safe.


                A couple other strange things. When I try to clear the local cache of the user the saem messagebox appears that the "file could not be found".


                I had the user log into my machine and he was able to open the file no problem.


                I'm starting to wonder if this could be a windows permission issue.

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                Corey Hinman

                on some occassions i've seen the servers path to the vault shown instead of the local views, ie C: vs D:. Have you tried doing file-open (from solidworks or word  or whatever) and browsing to the file?

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                  Matt la Croix

                  With the help of my VAR I have discovered what the issue was.


                  All of our department machines are imaged from a master image. The master image contained a vault view that was already installed.


                  Every vault view has a unique ViewID number, since various users had the same Vault View ID #, it was causing all kinds of anomolies such as this one and also not allowing some users to get the latest version.


                  The lesson here is never clone a vault view.


                  Also if you ever have trouble deleting a vault view because the original user that set up the view is not available to delete it, you can get around it the following way.


                  1) Open a Command Prompt

                  2) change to your vault directory CD/vault

                  3) type "desktop.ini" to launch the file in notepad

                  4) edit the user name found in "attached by" and close the file