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    Conditions of Workflow Problem

    Katie Hughes

      I feel really stupid for having this problem...


      I setup conditions for a workflow that will only have word documents and powerpoint documents in it.  I setup a specific folder in the vault for these documents called "Standard Work".  I made the conditions in the properties of the workflow go directly to the file location and then set the location to %.doc, docx, ppt, pptx (since some people are upgraded and some are not).  However, when I try to check in the files, an error pops up and says "The document does not meet the conditions of any workflow."  I even added the filepath condition "%.%" to try to get anything to go in there, but no luck.  The files want to go into a workflow where I specifically set up a filepath condition that says "!=%\Standard Work\%".  I had to add "!=%.%" in order to stop the files from going into that workflow.  That's when the error message started to pop up.  I'm not sure what is going on, but any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance!

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          Magnus Whittall

          Hi Katie,

          Dont worry I have had this issue as well. Make sure you have permission on the state of this workflow to add documents as that can be an easy one to miss. Also I would change your condition to and %\Standard Work\% and a OR folder listing your extensions. Personally I have found it easier creating a category for office docs as you can use categorys as a condition on a worflow that will save you typing all the extensions.


          In this scenario you would create a category called Office docs and have an OR folder listing all office file extensions. Then on your workflow the condition would be it must be in the office category and %\Standard Work\%. This means when the next office comes out all you need to do is add the extra extension into your category and any workflow that uses that category will also be updated.


          I hope this helps and good luck. I have just spent my Tuesday evening trying to write a rename dispatch (Nothing on TV :-) )


          Kind regards,


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            Jim Sculley

            Filepath arguments are interpreted as relative to the vault root folder.  This allows users to have there vault vault view whereever they want (C drive, D drive, etc).


            Your conditions don't match because the system is trying to match <vault root>C:\BLMWVault....

            Adding a filepath condition of %.% didn't work because the AND condition requires that the file meet at least one of the conditions in the OR group (which don't match because of what I said above) and the %.% condition.


            Change  your filepath arguments to something like:


            Administration\Standard Work\%.pptx


            If documents are matching conditions of more than one workflow, you need to add additional conditions to differentiate between them, otherwise the system will choose one arbitrarily.


            Jim S.

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              Katie Hughes

              Magnus and Jim,


              Thank you both for your replies! I think I figured out the problem.  Jim, like you said, "%.%" didn't work becuase of the "AND" condition. So I took everything off and set the condtion to "%\Standard Work\%".  I then went to the other workflow (where the files were trying to go) and set a condition outside of the "Or" folder to "!=%\Standard Work\%".  That seems to have fixed the problem.


              Thank you both so much for your help and advice!  I really appreciate you taking time to help me figure out this problem.