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    zoom and rotate problem

    jay Nachiappan

      One month before i have upgrade SolidWorks 2011 to 2012 sp1 ,ever since i am facing the zoom and rotate problem ,it won't happen always but very frequent ,when i try to zoom or rotate the certain small area only working the whole window not working ,to recover regional window every time needs rebuild


      anybody know means please suggest me



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          Anna Wood

          Make sure you have an updated video card driver for SW2012.  Also make sure you have a Windows Aero Desktop Theme enabled in Windows 7.





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            I've seen this before... looks like a graphics card issue. When you do major revs of SW, you always want to make sure you have the certified graphocs driver for that release. you can check our home page under support for more info on the correct driver for your card.





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                Mike Cole



                How much do you get paid by the Graphics Card companies to always force customers into buying newer graphics cards? SolidWorks can run quite well on uncertified cards with the proper system settings. But if it helps to hang up support calls on customers using uncertified cards then I guess it makes your jobs easier.


                Anna what does having the Aero Theme do to make SolidWorks perform better or is it a mystery to you as well.


                I prefer not wasting time with mouse rotate so as lolong as my space----- works I'm all set.



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                    Mike Cole

                    I guess that answers my question for Anna and anyone else who hadn't seen that post



                    S-037418 - When panning, zooming and rotating a model in Windows Vista® or Windows 7, what can cause a graphical problem whereby only a small rectangular area of the display is refreshed?  The rest of the graphics area freezes.

                    The most likely cause for this is utilizing a basic or non-Aero theme in Windows Vista or Windows 7.In Vista, please enable the Vista Aero™ interface and in Windows 7, please choose an  Aero™ enabled theme.


                    Using basic or non-Aero themes, Windows disables certain 3D acceleration settings to conserve resources.  Disabling these settings can have a negative impact on SolidWorks performance. Basic or non-Aero themes are intended for use with PCs which do not have dedicated GPUs, to reduce the overall load on the CPU.  However, in PCs with dedicated GPUs, Basic or Non-Aero themes can hinder overall performance.

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                      Hi Mike,


                      SolidWorks (nor I) are not forcing/advocating anyone to buy a new graphics card... just asking them to keep there current card's drivers up-to-date. In fact the card I have on my machine/s is 3 and 4 years old respectively