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Download File popups when installing or uninstalling!

Question asked by Dave Caxton on Apr 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2012 by Dave Caxton

Hi all,


I am having a major drama in Win7 x64 trying to (1) Uninstall SW 2011 or (2) Reinstalling it or (3) Running it.


When I try to install (or uninstall) I get a truckload of "download file" popup windows and the main SW install window is essentially blank.  See attached screen shot.


I use Firefox but the exact same thing happens even if I switch to IE as the default browser.  This is a new occurrance - I have not used SW for a long time but left it installed and now I wanted to uninstall it but this happens.  I assumed it would have a repair option but if it does I can't get at it due to this html screwup issue.


I have no idea what could be the cause let alone a solution - all I know is everything used to work and now it doesn't.


Running it seems 95% ok except I do get 1 popup whci seems related to one of the control panel tabs over on the right hand side (2nd one I think - little house icon).  That tab is a html page that won't display (I get the download file popup for it).


Regardless what I choose from those popups in install/uninstall I cannot get anything to show up - at best, I can save the html file somewhere.


I googled as best I could (hard problem to describe in google) and found a couple of other people reporting similar issues but none had a solution that worked.


I suspect that something weird has happened with html file associations but setting them to Firefox or IE didn't fix the problem.


Please please! ... does anyone know what might be causing this and how I can fix it?