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how to solidify and mesh a 3d point cloud txt file from matlab to solidworks

Question asked by Alfredo M on Mar 31, 2012

Hi Solidworks Community,


I am a student working in a  Image processing project. We have been able to obtain a 3d point cloud  txt file using  matlab  from seven taken pictures in a decresing order  and we had imported them  into solidworks to create the 3d structure. As you can see in the attched picture the 7 taken pictures have been converted into a point cluod using matlab and then  imported into solidworks. The image  seen  to present a 3d structure but is only a collection of the seven layers  each per picture.  The problem is that  we cannot solidy and mesh it correctly to generate a 3d structure. Any ideas ? thank you     point cloud 7 images.png

for clarity the 3d point cloud txt file is attached.